My contour

New York Contour United was created in 2017 by Nelson Rodríguez and a small group of friends who used to play together in the parks of NY. United by the passion for soccer and a decision to bring their love for the game to the streets of Long Island, decided to embark themselves on the adventure of creating an institution. Rodríguez began organizing Indoor Soccer tournaments and, with the support of Contour Mortgage, the initiative grew.

From there arises the heart of NYCU, the streets and its people. Those first players were recruited from the very essence of the neighborhood. That is why the motto has become characteristic when defining Contour: “From the neighborhood to the world”. “The club itself is a family,” they explained, “That is what we seek to maintain and what keeps us together seeking the same goal. We have grown and will continue to do so because we were lucky to always have talented players.

“NYCU, in fact, started out playing in the typical summer leagues, short cups that show the purest core of soccer.

Rodriguez thought then that the team had grown enough to be able to take a quality leap and face new challenges. The first step was signing up for a league in Long Island and later with UPSL. The beginning was in Division II in 2019, a season that saw the team getting the Championship. In 2020, already in Division I, the team continued its winning streak reaching the regional final.

NYCU will be actively participating in the UPSL LEAGUE in 2021. The United Premier Soccer League is an American professional development soccer league that was founded in Santa Ana, Southern California, with teams at regional conferences across the United States.

From day one, NYCU has a main sponsor, Contour Mortgage, which thus doubly supports the growth of the club’s area of ​​influence.

Contour Mortgage proudly earned the service designation of Best Mortgage Company on Long Island for years and they continue to re-engineer their business model to consistently serve and empower the homeownership community with expediency, affordability, and professional service.NYCU also set its goals as a community-centric organization. Part of its social responsibility is to be the kind of club that helps to make a real change that directly impacts lives. Its active involvement with veteran organizations, humanitarian reliefs, children benefits, animal welfare, and so much more is part of our DNA.

With only 5 years of life, NYCU is already part of the NY soccer history. Not only for its winning titles, also for the good amount of great players that wear its jersey. Several players from NYCU played for teams on NISA, USL and other Latin American leagues.

“We get talent in the streets, that is what characterizes us and fills us with pride. We are a family, we come from the neighborhood and we want to reach the top,” they said.

In 2021, with the adding of a new U23 team, Contour will put together two teams to face competition.

“We aim to grow, advance, continue adding good players, grow in infrastructure. To advance is to make football in our neighborhoods visible as well and to continue climbing the Soccer ladder in the United States”.